Current Status: Resolved

The current issue should be resolved, and we have tested after the fix was implemented.

If you are still having any issues please raise a support ticket.


Current there is an issue where some incoming emails encounter a formatting issue.

This results in the emails displaying various symbols, commonly the "=" symbol, in various locations throughout the email.

In other cases it triggers the "Strikethrough" formatting, making all the text appear to be crossed out.

We've identified that this appears to be emails sent from Microsoft 365 accounts to our Hosted Exchange server.

A small percentage of those emails appear to be triggering something within the Spam Filter which is then resulting in the change in formatting.

We've identified that this is where the issue lies and have raised an urgent support request with the Software Vendor for the Spam Filter on Thursday (22/04/21) so that they can assist with resolving this issue A.S.A.P.

An update to the spam filtering server was applied by the vendor with an aim to resolving this issue, however, we've tested this and it appears the issue is still present.
This has been fed back to the provider so they can investigate further.

We will continue to post further updates to this issue here.

Last Update - Monday 28th April 2021 - 4:25 PM

Previous Update - Monday 26th April 2021 - 10:30 AM